Canine Bowen Technique

(CBT) Session

This Canine Bowen Technique is given using fingers and thumbs on precise points on the dog’s body, it consists of using gentle rolling movements over soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and skin). The move is done slowly and with very gently. Time is given between the gentle moves to allow the dogs body to fully assimilate the moves and allow the body to start its important processing, healing and re-balancing.

Although a typical consultation will last up to about an hour, time is spent observing and also gaining valuable information regarding the dogs lifestyle and what a day looks like for them and their owners. This time also allows the Bowen Technician to start to build trust and a relationship with your dog and the dog to get accustomed too technician, the actual hands-on part of the session will usually last no more than about 20 minutes.

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