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Back 2 Healing Therapies / Merseyside Bowen Practice

Privacy Statement

The purpose of this statement is to provide you with information regarding what personal information we would collect and hold. This also includes the way we use the information.


What information is being collected?

As part of visiting me as a Bowen Technician / Holistic Therapist we will need to have a record of your personal details, data such as


Name,         Date of birth          Gender          Address         Email address       Telephone number         Business name         Payment information – payment card details are not stored on our systems,        Special categories of personal data such as health and details on historic claims resulting in injury (physical and physiological) 

Only occasionally will it be appropriate to have social media account information as well as part of your profile. 

Personal data about your presenting symptoms and treatment provided will also be documented in detail. You have access to this information at all times

All data will be held in a locked filing cabinet. No client files are left on surfaces for other clients / staff to read.

All data taken whilst on a mobile treatment will be transported in a locked bag, out of sight in a boot. No notes are left unattended in a vehicle at any time. All notes being transported will use the unique reference codes to identify you as a client. In the rare event they are stolen or lost, you cannot be identified or traced.

All notes will be kept secure for a period of 8 years for adults and will then be destroyed if you are no longer attending clinic.  All children’s notes will be kept until adult age ( 21 ), and then destroyed if no longer attending clinic.

Who is collecting it? 

Our Technician / Therapist   is collecting data at the start of your first session. Some information may be requested by email or text message to ensure the smooth running of your treatment. On occasion data from relevant medical notes / letters and scans may also form part of the data collected and held by your practitioner.

How is it collected?

Collection of data will happen via pen and paper note taking, secure email, text messages, occasionally photographs, videos, and letters by mail.  No personal data will be collected via social media.

Why is it being collect

Data is collected to record, guide and supervise your progress and be able to communicate     effectively  with the you for the best outcomes. It is also used to compare progress week to week and to highlight changes.

Data also helps us to carry out relevant research from time to time. All clients can opt in or opt out of this, again unique reference codes will be used to transfer data.

How will it be used?

Data will be used to communicate appointments, ion information & progress send statements and invoices, collect payments from you to give you access and allow online booking and pre-payments, relevant referrals, relevant consented media, publish online testimonials

If you object to the collection, sharing and use of your personal data we may be unable to provide you with our products and services.

Where Back 2 Healing Therapies T/A Merseyside Bowen Practice discloses your personal information to it’s agents or sub contracts for any of the above purposes, the agent or sub-contractor is obliged to use the personal information in accordance with the terms of this privacy statement. Back 2 Healing Therapies T/A Merseyside Bowen Practice may disclose information to the extent this is required to do so by law, in connection with any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceeding in order to establish, exercise or defend its legal rights.

Who will it be shared with?

It is not shared with anyone.

Data is rarely used to communicate and be shared outside of the clinical environment. On occasion you may be asked for permission for the information to be shared with another practitioner or medical service for referred treatment: ll permission will be requested first.

Personal data will be sent by post or email separately to your treatment information and a personal allocated reference code will be used to ensure the individual cannot be identified without the 2 pieces of data recording being put together.

Client experiences can be shared with the public with full consent from the client themselves. This will be taken in on a consent form signed by the client prior to sharing.

Your rights

These rights are known as Individual Rights under the Data Protection Act 2018. The following list details these rights:

The right to be informed about the personal data being processed;

The right of access to your personal data;

The right to object to the processing of your personal data;

The right to restrict the processing of your personal data;

The right to rectification of your personal data; 

The right to erasure of your personal data;

The right to data portability (to receive an electronic copy of your personal data); 

Rights relating to automated decision making including profiling.

The retaining of data is necessary where required for contractual, legal or regulatory purposes. In rare instances we may need to retain your data for longer, for example if we are representing you or defending ourselves in a legal dispute or as required by law or where evidence exists that a future claim may occur.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?

There should be no data leakage with regards to clients.

No data is shared  with 3rd parties without consented permission.

No data is sold to third parties for business reasons / marketing

No data is held on phones unless encrypted with a pin number / finger print recognition. No phones are left unattended. Lost / stolen phones need to be locked remotely to prevent 3rd parties reading any sensitive information.

No sensitive / identifiable data is sent by email together in the same posting. Unique reference codes are used.

All computers / laptops and tablets are locked with passcodes and not left unattended. Only individuals with permission to read notes can access this data.

Other websites

This website contains links to other websites. Back 2 Healing Therapies / Merseyside Bowen Practice are not responsible for any privacy policies or practices of any third party, you should read their own privacy policies.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain? 

Bowen Technicians / Holistic Therapist ' take data protection and privacy seriously and promote this philosophy to all the industry in relation to protecting client data. The data mapping in place should never cause a client to object or complain. Any queries and requirements are taken seriously and honoured.

Contact details

If you should require any information or have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy and the treatment of your personal information please contact me directly:

by email

or by post Back 2 Healing Therapies, 11a Monmouth Drive, Liverpool. L10 8LL

Gail Seddon-Davies BTAA, EGCBT, CBT


Gail Seddon-Davies


Back 2 Healing Therapies T/A Merseyside Bowen Practice

Tel : 07984 637 081

This statement has been created with the help of College of Bowen Studies




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