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What happens in a Reiki treatment



A Reiki treatment will normally last about an hour. Before commencing the Reiki treatment you will be asked to go through a consultation form of your personal details. The Reiki treatments carried out does not need the removal of clothes, as Reiki channels through to the person’s energy field with or without obstruction. You will also be covered with a blanket, to enhance your comfort. Most people choose to have relaxation music in the background during the Reiki treatment.

When you come to us for a treatment, you first lie down on a comfortable Therapy Bed, if you find lying down is difficult for you, sitting in a chair is also a good position. The most important thing is that you are comfortable.


The therapist will stand behind you and place their hands on you, starting at your head; this will last for several minutes at a time. There are various positions on your face, head and shoulders. Depending on the length of the treatment, they will then move position and lay their hands on your torso (avoiding any private areas), and then move on to the feet.

What you feel may differ from person to person, you may feel heat, sometimes, Reiki can also be experienced as quite cold, emanating from the therapist's hands. Both theses feeling are noticeably different to someone simply having cold or hot hands. Most often during a treatment the energy is experienced as warmth. Others feel a mild tingle, throbbing, or pulsing sensation.

A Reiki treatment is a spiritual practice because it works directly with energy or “spirit.” There is no pressure applied and no manipulation of tissues.


Reiki energy process is there to allow you to release and grow. We are only reminded of these feelings and events because we are strong enough and ready to face them again.

For Reiki to work, it is not necessary for you to feel the energy. The energy goes where it is needed and will work on whatever energy level is needed. Reiki could be considered for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to bring harmony and balance into your life.

Some people may fall asleep during a Reiki treatment, or they may feel the effects a couple of days later when things start to change and fall into place.

Following a Reiki treatment it is recommended that you don’t drink alcohol to excess or smoke heavily. However, it is recommended that you do increase your intake of water up to 2 litres per day if possible and also try to eat a balanced diet. This may help with any detoxifying that needs to take place following your treatment.

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