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I first heard about Baby Bowen therapy through a friend. My 2 week old son seemed to be in a lot of discomfort, he would grunt so loudly from the early hours of the morning right through to the afternoon. He would bring his knees up to his chest and kick about disturbing his own sleep and mine. He seemed constantly hungry but wouldn't take a bottle. I felt so sorry for him, the doctors said there was nothing wrong with him and maybe he was just a noisy baby, but I wasn't happy. When I read up on baby Bowen I was relieved to know that other babies had the same problems and that help was available. When I attended Merseyside Bowen Practice Gail was amazing, so friendly and patient with me and my baby. When she performed the first points on my baby he looked at her as if to say what just happened. The therapy is very gentle but very effective on the second point my baby physically relaxed in front of my eyes. It was so nice to see and a relief that I was right, my baby was in discomfort. My baby had 2 treatments in total and the grunting has gone the restless sleep has gone and he is now a relaxed and happy baby. 

I recommend baby Bowen therapy to all my friends and especially Gail as she is so friendly and relaxed. 

Thanks Gail for giving me sleep and a happy baby

LL. (Maghull)

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