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The Bowen Technique

What will Bowen consist of ?

During a Bowen Technique session the client would usually lie on a bed or table to ensure the clients comfort, or the client can be treated in a chair if necessary. With that in mind, Bowen Technique can be done anywhere; there are no limits to the location for treatment. The treatment can be carried out through light clothing or on skin, neither oils nor creams are used. The technique involves specific moves across tendons  and muscles using thumbs and fingers.


The aims of the moves are to stimulate energy flow, then releasing stresses, strains and blockages and trigger the body’s own resources. There are frequent important pauses between sets of moves, which give the body time to benefit from each set. By selecting appropriate combinations and sequences of moves, the practitioner is able to address the body as a whole, and/or to target one or more specific problems.

The session usually lasts from 30-45 mins. 

  • It is always recommended that Bowen should not be mixed with any other treatment.

  • It is important that treatments are given 7 days apart

  • Plus you should walk every 30 min’s if possible for the next 36 hours, in other words don’t allow your body to become static for too long.


As with all treatments, a full consultation should be completed with a qualified  technician  to ensure that the Bowen technique is right for you.
Bowen  technique is not designed to be a substitute for medical advice or treatments recommended by a Doctor. If you are in any doubt about any aspect of Bowen, please consult your Doctor.

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